Your company generates new data every second. Its efficient usage is a key driver of your competitive advantage. At Beyond Infinity we help our clients achieve maximum benefits out of implementing modern smart business analytics systems.

Today’s business environment is one of two speeds. There are companies which use their valuable time and resources creating reports, forecasts and analyses which often fail to service their real needs. On the other hand we have organizations where growth is seriously accelerated due to implementing well-designed business intelligence systems.

Cooperation with Beyond Infinity will empower the employees of your organization with a suite of modern BI tools. They are created to be simple and intuitive for the end user. Each of our projects is designed specifically for the needs of each client separately.

About us

Beyond Infinity is a technology company specializing in the implementation and optimization of business intelligence tools. We help our clients tap into the full potential of possibilities that are enabled by use of business analytics.

We are a consulting and information technology firm having an influence on the growth of multiple global corporations. Our team consists of excellent programmers and specialists in the fields of analytics and operations optimization.

Our know-how is driven by our experience working with leading FMCG brands. We take pride in our multidisciplinary approach combining technical knowledge and understanding of how business operates.

How we work

You invite us over

We are not the usual consulting company. Our aim is not just to give you advice. We are here to propose concrete solutions, implement them and achieve a situation where they bring your company measurable and pre-planned benefits.

We get to know each other

For the time frame of our cooperation we become a part of your team. We pick apart the key business processes within your organization and develop a tailor-made IT solution to service them. All of this is preceded by a deep analysis and clear definition of your needs.

We get to work

We work in sprints. We develop an inital version of the tool, which is subsequently expanded with further features. This way the final version is the product of your actual business needs. Our tools also make use of the experiences we have gathered working with previous clients.

We hand over the ready solution

Just developing the solution is not the sole aim of our activities. Far more important is achieving the moment when our tools are actively used every day and generate savings and incremental profit to cover the investment. In the end this is what good business is about.

Why us?

We are flexible

We have intentionally decided to keep the company small as only such a structure enables agility and flexibility. Thanks to this we can be fully focused on your project.

We are effective

All of solutions we propose and develop are focused on serving one purpose. The savings provided amount to millions of dollars.

We are experienced

Our know-how builds on close cooperation with world’s leading corporations. Every project we complete expands our expertise for the benefit of future clients.

Our services

Analysis and optimization

Business Intelligence solutions we offer will allow for key decisions within your organization to be made based on most fitting and current analytical data.

Software development

We help companies make use of the full power of individually designed, modern business intelligence tools. To achieve this, we use lightweight IT solutions.


Even the best business intuition is helpless without trustworthy, correctly interpreted data to rely on. We strive to empower you with the full power of modern reporting solutions.


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